Chiara Bizzi


About Me

Hi! My name is Chiara and I am a freelance Italian translator.
I translate from English and French to Italian, my mother tongue, but I specialize in legal, technical, and web translation from French to Italian, and in marketing translation from both French and English to Italian.

Education and work experience

Languages have always been a part of me. After obtaining a langiage school diploma, I got my Bachelor’s degree in Translation and Interpreting at the Istituto di Alti Studi CARLO BO, in Florence. This gave me the opportunity to learn both translation and interpreting techniques and develop a keen interest in translation. This passion of mine, as well as my preference for French, then led me to Strasbourg, in France, where I obtained my Master’s Degree in Professional Translation at the Institut de Traducteurs, d’Interprètes et de Relations Internationales ITIRI. I had the chance to work in a French start-up company as a translator in charge of the Italian marketing department. I translated websites, company presentations, advertising material and legal documents from French to Italian. I also proofread French to Italian and English to Italian translations, drafted and translated website articles. In order to always provide my clients with the best quality, I consolidate my training with continuing education courses. I am currently attending a 6 months Master’s program at the SSIT Scuola Superiore per Interpreti e Traduttori in Pescara (Italy) to further specialize in legal, technical and web translation from French to Italian.

Translation and much more…

Alongside translation, I organise tailor-made English and French courses, and I am currently collaborating with several Language Schools as a French teacher.

I have been a member of AITI, the Italian Association of Translators and Interpreters, since April 2022 (AITI associate member no. 222048 CHIARA BIZZI | AITI)

What does translating mean?

Translating goes far beyond the mere knowledge of a second language. Translating actually means interpreting to convey a message, developing a relationship of empathy with the text to be translated regardless of its type. Translating means finding the intention of the text, what it expresses in relation to the language in which it is written and the culture to which it belongs, and reproducing it in the target language keeping in mind the role of the receiving culture and the ideal reader.
If I had to describe in a few words what translating means to me, I would certainly use this famous quote by George Steiner: “without translation, we would inhabit provinces bordering on silence”.

What can I do for you?


Need to have your job contract, your company presentation or a product user manual translated?

  • Simple translation: I translate from French and English to Italian. I translate texts of various kinds, but I specialise in legal, technical, web, and marketing translation. In compliance with the Code of Ethics for Translation Professionals, I translate exclusively into my mother tongue. If I am commissioned to translate into a foreign language, I always ask a professional native speaker to proofread my translation before handing it over to the client.
  • Sworn translation: if your translation shall have legal value, different steps may be needed (sworn translation, certified translation, translation with affidavit, apostille...). I’ll help you work out which solution is best for you!


Your translation needs a check-up?

I proofread translations from English and French to Italian.

Content writing

Need to write content for your company?

I write web articles, brochures and company presentations.


 Do you use machine translation but want the best quality?

I post-edit your content from English and French into Italian.

Language courses

Would you like to learn or improve your English or French?

I organise tailor-made courses to be held either in person in Livorno (Italy) or online:

English and French for beginners,
English and French for middle and high school students,
French – advanced level – for both students and adults.

You can purchase lessons separately or choose from 3 customised packages: 20 hours, 30 hours, or 50 hours. 
I prepare each lesson according to the level of the students and the objectives they wish to achieve, ensuring them maximum empathy and proposing diversified activities that are as interactive as possible. Of course, studying is fundamental. But who says you can’t learn a language while having fun?

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The Chamber
of Translations

The Chamber of Translations is my first professional project.
At the end of my Master’s studies, a dear friend and colleague of mine and I decided to share our passion for translation by building The Chamber of Translations. We like to call it a ‘virtual room’, a place where one enters the world of translations through our blog and social media channels.
The Chamber of Translations is actually a website where we publish news and curiosities about translation and languages in general.

We are active on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter with the aim of providing information about the translator’s profession, proposing fun language activities, and expanding our network.

Want to find out more about The Chamber of Translations?


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